We have years of collaboration with a major finnish manufacturer of electrical equipment that produces airfield ground lighting (AGL). We have designed various analysis systems alongside the development of the industry. Our user interfaces are produced using LabView software, our analysis systems meet FAA and IEC requirements.

Simulator for testing airport passenger boarding bridges.

Transformer testing-station for manufacturers of AGL-circuit feed transformers.

Cutting and stacking automation for a production line for profiled sheet-metal.



Design and Implementation

At Twoy Engineering Oy we use equipment from computers to welding machines. We combine modern electronic, automation, and electrical design with mechanical assembly of equipment.

We provide electronic and circuit board design. We have an S2-level certificate for electrical installations.

Our objective is to provide our customers with innovative and technically rationalized solutions, design is based on the requirements of our customer. We can provide instruction in deployment of equipment, and all our products include full documentation as mandated by the EU.




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